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The Worlds Largest Skydiving Competition

Final Round Up
The Biggest Skydiving Event On The Planet!

Bodyflight Bedford, UK is home to the biggest competitive skydiving meet on the planet. 2014 being the 9th competition we have hosted, The World Challenge has grown in both it's size and profile year upon year since its inception. With one of the largest wind tunnels in the world this year we were joined by 105 Teams from 25 Countries! This was our biggest year by far and was a huge success with over 500 people on site competing and spectating it makes us the biggest skydiving competition meet in the world. 

Thats right! In a sleepy country village in Bedfordshire, in an ex RAE military testing facility, there is an event that gets packed out by some of the world's most hardcore adrenaline sports enthusiasts and guess what? We throw them all into a wind tunnel together.

This years Challenge drew in more than 8 global youth ambassadors of the sport from Singapore and Dubai, the youngest being only 7 years of age! Growing up around skydivers and being involved in the new tunnel environment means that the sport is attracting more and more youngsters, who over the years will develop into a new breed of technical athletes in their field. Free from fear and with the incredible support of families and sponsorship this new generation are bringing with them more exciting action, dynamic moves never before tried or seen and and fresh faces to the community.

2015 is going to be the 10th Anniversary of The Bodyflight World Challenge and we will be making the competition, the fun and the prizes bigger and better than EVER before. We want to show you and the rest of the world our event and why we think its the best extreme sports event in the UK!

Please email me below to ask about attending The World Challenge 2015 or for current and post coverage of the 2014 Challenge.

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